Petroleum & Natural Gas


Wollam Auditing Services, LLC partners with Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc. to bring the Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry Certifications and Certificates against the ISO Standards and API Specifications.    It is no secret that the Aerospace and Automotive Industry has led the way in terms of reliability, service quality, safety performance and integrity in their Certification Services.  In fact, the latest API Specification have been modeled after Aerospace, and our Professional Trade Organizations have studied their success.  Wollam Auditing Services, known for their oil and gas experts and Certified Auditors with decades of experience, has Partnered with Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc. (SQA) to help our industry restore credibility and confidence in the auditing process.  Together, the two companies have an expertise that is unmatched in the PNG Industry.

Smithers Group of Companies offer engineering solutions, services and programs that are unmatched and help the Oil & Gas Industry solve their biggest challenges.  A few highlights include; Global leader in Management System Registrations through the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB); Global leader in rubber, plastics and polymer testing to include studies for increased life for high-performance polymers specifically for the Oil and Gas Industry; A known authority on packaging, leading numerous scientific research studies for bioplastics and their interface with supporting Oil & Gas derivatives; A global environmental toxicology contract research organization that provides Oil & Gas sector testing and analysis service for environmental clean-up activities to include supporting BP post Macondo clean-up efforts. 

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SQA are experts when dealing with risk mitigation – no room for error, complexity of systems, new technologies, high reliability, safety requirements, and failure data for components all of which are critical for Aerospace.  Wollam Auditing Services are oil and gas experts who specialize in Upstream consisting of exploration, development, and production; Midstream consisting of pipeline, marine, service and supply; and Downstream consisting of oil tankers, refiners, and retailers.  All our auditors are IRCA certified and backed with decades of experience.  SQA & Wollam Auditing Services challenges industry to compare our audit process, auditor competencies, credentials, accreditations, and overall value against any of our competitors in the Petroleum & Natural Gas Industry.  Our auditors undergo hundreds of additional hours of accredited training, an intensive competency program which ensures our clients receive the absolute BEST VALUE. Our joint audit teams and certification services bring industry the best technology, reliability, and credibility.