AS 9100

AS 9100 Auditor and Certification Service that Takes Safety and Quality to New Heights

The aerospace industry, one of the most safety-conscious in the world, has long-recognized the crucial role quality plays in the performance of aviation, space and defense products. Consumer and customer confidence is directly linked to perceptions about the quality of equipment and services manufacturers in this industry offer.

As an ANAB-accredited certification body, Smithers Quality Assessments (SQA) is committed to providing the best assessment services for your AS 9100 certification so that you can continue providing products of the utmost quality.

What’s AS 9100?

AS 9100 was formed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) in 1999 to provide a single, globally accepted quality standard for aerospace suppliers.

SQA is an IAQG-authorized accreditation body with a staff of fully trained and highly skilled AS9100 auditors. An audit performed by SQA resulting in certification provides your business:

  • A series of common standards that are implemented globally throughout the supply stream.
  • Public recognition for your commitment to a process which produces quality products or services, providing on-time delivery and meeting customer and consumer expectations.
  • Increased opportunities for new business from customers that recognize the value of AS9100 certification.
  • External, independent validation that your quality management system conforms to the requirements of AS9100.
  • Independent feedback and discussions to foster continual improvement to help your bottom line.

How can SQA help?

Smithers Quality Assessments offers AS 9100 certification services to aerospace suppliers worldwide. Companies achieving this certification report:

  • Improved product quality and on-time delivery.
  • More efficient labor utilization.
  • Increased customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships.
  • Alignment with the IAQG strategy of having 90% of supply chain certified.

SQA is one of the few auditors approved by General Electric Aircraft Engines to perform AS9100 assessments.  Our auditors strive to become an integral part of your team by providing you valuable tools and AS9100 audit checklists and workbooks. This helps facilitate the certification process and the maintenance of your certification status.

Our auditors also are required to pass an industry competency test, which ensures you have the most knowledgeable auditors working to help you with the AS9100 certification process. Our team’s objective is to provide valuable feedback on your business performance.

At the end of the assessment, a final meeting is conducted where findings, recommendations and improvement plans (if needed) are discussed. If the audit is successful, you will receive your AS 9100 certification along with surveillance and renewal activities to ensure future compliance.

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***Changes for AS 9100 may impact your certification. Find out what these changes mean for AS-Certified suppliers.